Welcome to Archer Rewards

Now that beer and bourbon buying has officially become a competitive sport, we created a new way to make sure the rarities end up in the hands of the people that support our store, week in and week out. Every time you make a purchase at Archer, you’ll be awarded points. Accumulate points, then use those points to gain access to the rarities when they become available. It's simple: make us your regular liquor store, we'll return the favor with the good stuff. No more hunting, no more standing in line, no more worrying. We want to be your beer shop all year.

Sign Up

Automatically enroll in the Archer Rewards program by signing up for the Fresh Report email. Once per week, we send out an email that recaps the previous week’s craft beer, notable imports, and cider arrivals. That email will also have info on the week’s multipliers and what’s available with your points.

Earn Points

With every $1 spent on a anything in the store*, you’ll receive 1 point. All craft beers are worth TWO points per dollar. Make purchases on Sunday, Monday, or Tuesday to get 1.5x points**. When making purchases, be sure to alert the cashier that you’re a Rewards member. We’ll look up your name and credit your account with points for your purchase.

(*excludes sale items and discounted sales)

(**for single-point items only, like domestic beer. Items that are already more than 1.5x points per dollar don’t apply.)

Rare Access

When rare items arrive*, you can exchange points to get access. For example, once you’ve earned 100 points, you can turn them in for access to Surly Darkness. For a full list of items available at certain point levels, see the Points page.

(* items will be rated as rare by our discretion. Some ‘rare’ items will be available to the public, some will be put into the Archer Rewards program. Current Rewards items will be listed on the Points page.)

Other stuff

So you’re not into the giant rare-release beers or bourbons? Not everyone is. You can also use your points to get FREE STUFF, such as awesomely high quality custom Archer Liquors glassware and other free goods. If you make us your go-to liquor store for all your beer, liquor, and wine needs, we’ll do our best to make it worth your while. Cheers!

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